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Goth Queen


This site describes everyone's favorite Goth Queen, and gives u background on Rogue. So, read on, and contact me if you have comments or suggestions: rogue374@comcast.net PLEASE NOTICE that my email address has changed and PLEASE send fan pics, stories etc.
For now the Kids WB has put X Men Evolution on hiatus until May, probably because that's when the movie is coming out. X2 will be in theatres May 2, 2003. Don't forget to email me your vote for favorite Season 3 episode. Choices are- Day of Recovery, The Stuff of Heroes, Mainstream, The Stuff of Villians, Blind Alley, X-treme Measures, Self- Possesed and Under Lock and Key.

Welcome to my Rogue shrine!
Hey all u Rogue Fans out there. I just updated my Whats new and custom section today. The custom page contains Rogue quotes from different episodes.

Results for Fav episode on Season 2

Day Of Reckoning Part 1+2- 17 votes
Walk on the Wild Side- 16 votes
Power Surge- 15 votes
Operation: Rebirth- 12 votes
Shadow Dance and Mindbender- 11 votes
The Hex Factor and Fun and Games- 5 votes
Retreat-4 votes
Growing Pains and Bada Bing Bada Boom- 2 votes

The Results for Fav X Woman Poll are in:
Rogue-34 votes
Jean and Shadowcat- 29 votes
Magma- 15 votes
Boom Boom- 10 votes
Jubilee- 8 votes
Wolfsbane- 0 votes

a cool pic of Rogue
Last updated on Jan.26, 2003